How many hours of tutoring do I need?

At Gooroo, we know that consistent learning with the same tutor will help you achieve your learning goals. The amount of tutoring you need can differ based on your goals. Take a look at the guide below to choose the plan that makes the most sense for you or your family.

You can use the hours you purchase to learn any subject with any Gooroo tutor. You can also share your hours with your whole family. 


5-7 hours/month:

(per student)

  • Getting ahead
  • homework help
  • filling-in small gaps in your knowledge
  • preparing for a standardized test 4+ months away


8-10 hours/month:

  • Ideal for honing a skill
  • preparing for a standardized test 2-3 months away


11+ hours/month:

  • Enough learning time for multiple family members
  • Intensive full-time study
  • Preparing for an urgent exam
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