What is membership, and what does it include?

A membership gives you regular, weekly access to your Gooroo tutor, as well as necessary help outside of sessions. Each Gooroo membership contains a set number of hours of tutoring that renew each month. We recommend each student meet with a Gooroo for a minimum of 5 hours per month. You can choose and adjust the number of hours purchase based on your goals and schedule -- membership plans range from 5-20 hours, and these hours can be used for all students within an account, and be applied to learn with multiple Gooroos for multiple subjects.

In addition to accessing incredible Gooroos, all memberships include a Personal Learning Consultant who will match you with the best tutors, while providing you with actionable progress reports for continuous improvement. Finally, members have free access to Gooroo in-person seminars and workshops in New York City.

Unused hours roll over each month. Gooroo will bill your account once a month to continue your membership. You can pause or cancel your membership at any time.

Learn more about membership here. You can sign up for a membership before or after requesting your first Gooroo.


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