Troubleshooting my online session / Virtual Classroom

Please enter your Classroom on a desktop computer or a large tablet (the interface will not work well on a phone), and use headphones for best results. Don't open the Classroom twice or on two different devices without muting one of them (otherwise you'll hear echos/feedback).

If you are having trouble with your Virtual Classroom, first make sure that you've allowed it to have access to your camera and microphone:


If you didn't give access, you'll see this message on the part of the screen where your face should show up: Your browser needs permission to use your webcam and microphone.


To change your settings to give access on Chrome, simply click the video camera icon on the top right of the search bar and change the setting to "Always allow to access your camera and microphone." Then, refresh the page and everything should be working.


If there are additional issues to troubleshoot, you will see a notification on the top left of your video card. Click the notification to bring up a list of your technical specifications and to see further instructions on how to fix any issues (they will be marked with a red "x"):


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