Virtual Classroom tips and keyboard shortcuts


”S” → Select Tool

“D” → Draw Tool

“E” → Erase Tool

“T” → Text Tool

“U” → Upload Image or PDF

Drawing Straight Lines: While using the draw tool, hold down “Ctrl” (or CMD on Mac) to make a straight line and hold down “Ctrl” + “Shift” to make the line snap to 15 degree angle increments (great for teaching geometry).


Undo / Redo: If you’ve erased something by mistake or want to undo something you can do this by clicking “Ctrl + z” to undo, or “Ctrl + y” to redo. This also works on the document and code editors.

Making perfect circles & squares: Again, you can use the “Ctrl” key to snap your Ellipse into a perfect circle while you are resizing it.

Lock objects: Sometimes you want to lock a picture, shape or line. You can do this by right-clicking on the object and saying Lock Image. This will avoid it being erased or moved unless explicitly unlocked.

Copy and Paste: Everything can be copy and pasted, including images off of your computer or website, but you will need to use the short keys by selecting the object or group of objects and then hitting “Ctrl + c” to copy and “Ctrl + v” to paste.

Drawing with an iPad / tablet. Send the Virtual Classroom link to your Ipad or tablet and you'll be able to draw directly on the whiteboard with your device. [Note; if you have two devices connected in the same room with a mic enabled you will get feedback, so be sure to only enable one of the mics and mute the other]



Documents works just as you might expect a MS Word or Google Document to work, and you’ll have short keys for Bolding (“Ctrl+b”), Italicizing (“Ctrl+i”) and Underlining (“Ctrl+u”)


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