Cancelling sessions

We know that schedules change. However, cancellations do disrupt students' plans and degrade their tutoring experience.

We recommend agreeing to reschedule instead of cancelling sessions whenever possible - you can do that at anytime as the Gooroo, before the session start time. You can do that by finding the session in the “Sessions” section of the app, tapping the 3 dots on the top right, and then tapping “Reschedule”. Please always confirm with your student before rescheduling a session. 

If you absolutely have to cancel, you can do that by finding the session in the app and tapping “Cancel session”. You’ll be asked to provide a reason for cancellation. You will not be able to cancel a session once it starts. No-shows may result in the suspension of your account. At the same time, you will get credit for sessions where the student doesn’t show up without first notifying you to reschedule the session.

Please kindly reach out to your student if you are going to cancel a session. If it's your first session with the student, please reach out to the Gooroo Support Team at so we can find someone else to serve the student.

Note: We may reduce the number of students we suggest to you if you regularly cancel sessions. We may also stop suggesting students to you altogether if such cancellations persist.

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